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What I do when I’m bored.


Castle - 4x22 - Undead again

Opening credits (revisited) - Castle

This is (again) kinetic typography for the opening credits of Castle (property of ABC).

Watch in HD, please.

Castle : 4x13 - “An Embarrassment of Bitches”
Photoshop CS & Lightroom 3 


Castle : 4x13 - “An Embarrassment of Bitches”

Photoshop CS & Lightroom 3 

Beckett’s wall

So this is my last vid based on Castle (property of ABC). I wanted to show my vision of Beckett’s wall, the complexity of it…
I worked a lot on the sound to give an impression of chaos at some point of the video. I also wanted to do something without the love side of the show, at least not directly (like the kiss scene in “Knockout”). It’s focused on the mystery of Johanna Beckett’s case and its legacy on her daughter.

Black and white : because sometimes there’s no need of colors to express a hard feeling, to emphasize a drama. And also because I’m deeply in love with (old) black and white movies.

There are some spoilers from the 4x12 !!

It took me hours to do the whole thing, so I hope you’ll like it ;)

PS : Now for the editing, I used 2 softwares :
- Final Cut Pro 7 : to do the main editing
- After Effect CS5 : to do the animated titles (beginning & ending) 

PS 2 : Oh I forgot the song : Jungle, by Emma Louise